Typical knowledge and innovation in arbitral proceedings

Progressive resources and platforms symbolize a way to strengthen the worldwide arbitral approach and guarantee regard for common wisdom.(1) Progressive equipment and superior software of conventional rules It is typically recognized that arbitration proceedings should be quick, effective and predictable to assure accessibility to justice. This is also important to […]

Progressive resources and platforms symbolize a way to strengthen the worldwide arbitral approach and guarantee regard for common wisdom.(1)

Progressive equipment and superior software of conventional rules

It is typically recognized that arbitration proceedings should be quick, effective and predictable to assure accessibility to justice. This is also important to guaranteeing that it maintains its positive aspects more than national court proceedings, which usually put up with the penalties of an overloaded timetable.(2) The enhancement of impressive applications is even much more vital in an at any time-evolving modern society with an growing need to have for velocity and swift dispute resolution.

When a swift and price-productive system of resolving global disputes, intercontinental arbitration is now usually stalled by prolonged and high-priced processes.(3) Nevertheless, lengthy and pricey methods can be averted if the arbitration is organised and managed efficiently, and numerous suggestions have been produced to increase the efficiency of the arbitral system.

Innovation examples

The under are illustrations of procedural improvements which can make improvements to equally the time-consuming nature and expense performance of the arbitral course of action.

Procedural improvements

In a study performed by Queen Mary College of London on “Advancements and Improvements in International Arbitration”,(4) the procedural innovation perceived as most helpful at controlling time and cost in global arbitration was the need for tribunals to dedicate to a routine for deliberations and supply of remaining awards.(5) These types of inner commitments by the arbitral tribunal are necessary and can be attained only if the proceedings are proficiently organised, which can be maximised when arbitrators are entirely well-informed of the aspects of the situation when they go to the evidentiary hearing.

Innovative instruments

Iain Sheridan determined a few qualitative analytical models that may well contribute to the processes and outcomes of worldwide arbitration – namely:

  • intellect map diagrams
  • simplified proof charts and
  • bring about and effect diagrams.(6)

The aforementioned models are only examples of revolutionary software among the myriad resources which are staying created and applied to simplify and organise intricate point matrices and tips.

Brain map diagrams

Mind map diagrams summarise a case in a non-linear way, replicating how the human mind often analyses expertise and complications. The essential things of any brain map are:

  • a primary subject represented with a central impression
  • important themes radiating from the central impression as branches
  • branches comprised of a important picture or important term printed on an associated line to form a related nodal composition and
  • the incorporation of color to make clear or emphasise connections.(7)

This resource will allow for elaborate, voluminous points to be summarised with hyperlinks to other sorts of document, these types of as get together requests and responses, as very well as specialist spreadsheets.(8)

Simplified evidence charts

Simplified evidence charts can succinctly established out a party’s arguments together with supporting proof and recognized generalisations.(9) Properly-drafted simplified evidence charts support counsel to get ready for and deliver their oral arguments. They also aid arbitrators’ choice making. This procedure further more lets parties to set ahead their principal argument with supporting evidence and generalisations.

Cause and effect diagrams

Result in and result diagrams, or ‘fishbone diagrams’, can assist in the:

  • brainstorming approach
  • identification of possible will cause of a problem and
  • sorting of strategies into useful groups.

These diagrams are a visible way to seem at results in and results and can so assist to explain causation matters in the most complicated cases.(10)

On the net platforms

Recourse to on line dispute resolution (ODR) by means of diverse on the internet platforms can be critical to preserving time and prices, particularly where the events are not located in the very same nation and exactly where the volume in dispute and the character of the dispute lets for this kind of process.(11)

By way of instance, the European Fee has sponsored the ODR System, an modern on the web system which can be used for any contractual dispute arising from the on the net obtain of items or products and services where by the trader and consumer are equally dependent in the European Financial Region. The platform is intended as a mechanism aimed at offering the pace and higher excellent expected by the world small business sector.

The Environment Intellectual House Organisation Arbitration and Mediation Centre is also producing an online procedure for administering disputes. Electronic conversation tools will let the events to file requests by finishing digital varieties and submit documents and trade correspondence on-line by way of protected channels. The events, neutrals and the centre will so converse electronically (in addition to using any readily available audio and movie amenities), lowering the have to have for other likely time-consuming and high-priced signifies of communication and in-man or woman meetings and hearings.


The notion of wisdom was thoroughly analysed by Greek philosophers in the fifth century and is central to the five virtues explained by Aristotle in Nicomachean Ethics:

  • Science lets people to draw conclusions in a reasonable, demonstrable vogue from supplied info and ideas.
  • Intelligence is the intuition of self-evident truths and can be referred to as ‘common sense’.
  • Theoretical wisdom is a blend of science and intelligence.
  • Prudence or functional knowledge will involve not only the potential to come to a decision how to realize a sure close, but also the capability to mirror upon and determine good finishes.
  • Artwork is the ability to use one’s techniques to make and develop.(12)

As practitioners of international arbitration, and specifically as arbitrators, it is beneficial to preserve in thoughts the 5 virtues described by Aristotle much more than two millennia back. Arbitrators have to solution the final decision-making procedure in a scientific vogue, whilst utilizing prevalent sense, knowledge, prudence and a perception of generation to access just and fair methods.

According to Aristotle, individuals understand moral virtues primarily through routine and observe rather than reasoning or instruction. It is up to the arbitration neighborhood to uphold these vital virtues by practising them as routines to make sure the perennity of worldwide arbitration in the future.


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